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Start your week off right with another energising BoostCamp, tomorrow from 3-4pm!
Can’t make it? Fret not, we have more lined up on Wednesday and Friday. Sign up using the form below, and stay up to date by following our page!!
Enjoy a guilt free break in the beautiful sunshine and join us for another smashing workout 🌞 💪

Fortuna Board Applications!

Find below the Fortuna Board election Timeline and description of our decisions! Please be reminded that you must discuss applying for the board with a current board member before applying.

You can nominate yourself by sending an e-mail to stating what position you want to run for.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in our office hours.

SportsCo Board Applications!

Hellooo lovely LUC Community! With the end of the academic year coming closer, we are looking for new board members! Do you have a passion for sports and would like to become involved in one of LUC’s biggest committees? Apply for the position of Chair, Secretary, Event Manager or Internal Communications Officer! You can apply by answering a few questions in this Google Form:
The deadline is next Wednesday, the 18th of April, 23:59.

Are you interested but still have some questions? Feel free to contact SportsCo (TwanNikolausSiebeMo, and Veerle) through Facebook or in person!

We look forward to receiving your applications!

Love, SportsCo

Hitchhiking Board Applications!

BOARD APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the Hitchhiking team of 2018-19! Whether you’ve participated in all the rounds since the competition was founded, or you’re a first timer looking for adventure, everyone is welcome to become a part of the most eccentric travel team of The Hague. Sign up before the 29th of April via this form:…/1S-qMj7wf_xsH6PqBEGWnLU90A1K…/edit

We look forward to hearing from all of you! 🚙💨

Your Hitchhiking team (Fleur, Anna and Laura)

Yearbook Photos!

Hey you! It’s time again to pick out your best outfit, practice your cutest smile, hit on that cute photographer of LUC.ID (thanks for helping out guys  ) or on that lovely yearbook committee assistant that is noting down your name (and if you do well, possibly your phone number as well ) or just simply be present to eternalise yourself in the yearbook! -Easy to combine-
For your convenience, the pictures will be taken on different days of the week, spread out over week 6 and week 7. The dates and time slots will be:
Week 6:
– Tuesday 13/3 from 12pm until 3pm
– Thursday 15/3 from 12pm until 3pm

Week 7:
– Monday 19/3 from 12pm until 3pm
– Wednesday 21/3 from 12pm until 3pm
– Friday 23/3 from 12pm until 3pm

See how easy the timeslots are to remember!?! So no excuses, get your ass down that Ivory tower and meet us on floor 1 (or to that Ivory tower aka Annie for the third/fourth/whatever year your in, for those living outside of the building) ya snooze ya lose, be there or be square, and let’s make this work!

Ps: Those who are planning on graduating this summer, don’t forget to think about a quote to put underneath your picture!


Beyond Arts Board Applications

The Beyond Arts Board is looking for the next generation of engaged and excited artists to take over!  If you’re interested in any of the positions below, please send us a short motivation of about 200 words to – if you have any questions about what the respective positions might entail, shoot this page or the current board member in charge a message (or send us an email). Deadline for applications is Sunday, March 25. We very much look forward to hearing from you soon 🐊


Behind the scenes, the UCSRN committee has gone above and beyond to make this year’s tournament (April 29) a great success, but now it’s up to YOU!
Are you ready to kick some asses and party wild afterwards? Would you like to represent LUC and put the other UCs to shame? Do you have extraordinary talents that will deliver our beautiful community that cup? Then it is time for you to register!
SIGN UP BY SENDING THE PERSON OF CONTACT A PM! The play-offs of other activities will depend on the number of people that register. SO GO AHEAD AND REGISTER NOW!

– Table Tennis (Table Tennis (UCSRN qualifiers); contact: Jasper Kleinsmann)
– Badminton (contact: Jasper Kleinsmann)
– Beer Chugging (Beer chugging contest (UCSRN qualifiers); contact: Jasper Kleinsmann)
– Smash Bros (SMASH BROS (UCSRN qualifiers); contact: Sebastiaan Grosscurt)
– Mario Kart (Mario Kart (UCSRN qualifiers); contact: Sebastiaan Grosscurt)
– Cooking (contact: Sebastiaan Grosscurt)
– Running Men (contact: Sebastiaan Grosscurt)
– Running Women (contact: Sebastiaan Grosscurt)
– League of Legends (contact: Sebastiaan Grosscurt)
– Tug of War (contact: Twan Van Der Togt)
– Debating (contact: Twan Van Der Togt)
– FIFA (LUC FIFA 18 tournament (UCSRN qualifiers)) (contact: Twan Van Der Togt) ONE SPOT LEFT
– Painting (contact: Charlotte Moss)
– Slam Poetry (contact: Charlotte Moss)
– Improv (contact: Charlotte Moss)
– Chess (UCSRN Chess Play-Offs LUC The Hague; contact: Twan Van Der Togt)

– Dancing (coach: Sharaiz Asin)
– Battle of the Bands (coach: Heather Anna McOuat)
– Photography (LUC.ID)
– Film (FortuneTV – Crew)
– Volleyball (coach: Emma Rikken)
– Football Men (coach: Alex Scott)
– Football Women (coach: Emma Persson)
– Basketball (coach: Martin van Pul)
– Hockey (coach: Lena Clara)
– Tennis (coach: Jasper Kleinsmann)

UCSRN committee:
Twan Van Der Togt
Sebastiaan Grosscurt
Flamur Hamidi
Charlotte Moss
Jasper Kleinsmann


Fortunity Week

Hey Everybody! Welcome to the new Fortuna website! Kicking off the week with some exciting events organised by the Fortuna board in collaboration with some of our committees.

  • Monday: Culture day 17:00- 20.00
  • Tuesday: Soul Kitchen Exhibition, Poetry and Live Music
  • Sunday: 22F(M) Radio show with the board
  • Pool Tournament Throughout the Week

and  some exciting announcements to come!

Special thanks to Joris van den Einden for all the help redesigning the website!

LUC’s Very Own Radio Station!

Tune in to 22fm, every Tuesday and Sunday to LUC’s very own radio station, stay tuned for next week Sunday’s radio show with the Fortuna board! Where you can request songs, ask anonymous questions and more!

22F(M) Presents: The Crew

22F(M) Proudly Presents: The 22F(M) Jingle! A huge thanks to Maarten Molenaar for making the video and a massive shout out to our very own Henry Johnson for bringing the Jingle to life!

Geplaatst door 22FM op woensdag 20 september 2017


The Gala

Thank you to LUC.ID for creating a beautiful video of out 2017 Gala. A great end to a great year. Wishing you all a good start to 2018!

The Gala 2017

It is only the first day of reading week but you can already have a well deserved 3 minute break! The Gala aftermovie is here! Merry Christmas and good luck with your finals! Made By: Maarten and Genie

Geplaatst door LUC.ID op maandag 18 december 2017