Fortuna Board Applications!

Find below the Fortuna Board election Timeline and description of our decisions! Please be reminded that you must discuss applying for the board with a current board member before applying.

You can nominate yourself by sending an e-mail to stating what position you want to run for.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in our office hours.

SportsCo Board Applications!

Hellooo lovely LUC Community! With the end of the academic year coming closer, we are looking for new board members! Do you have a passion for sports and would like to become involved in one of LUC’s biggest committees? Apply for the position of Chair, Secretary, Event Manager or Internal Communications Officer! You can apply by answering a few questions in this Google Form:
The deadline is next Wednesday, the 18th of April, 23:59.

Are you interested but still have some questions? Feel free to contact SportsCo (TwanNikolausSiebeMo, and Veerle) through Facebook or in person!

We look forward to receiving your applications!

Love, SportsCo

Hitchhiking Board Applications!

BOARD APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the Hitchhiking team of 2018-19! Whether you’ve participated in all the rounds since the competition was founded, or you’re a first timer looking for adventure, everyone is welcome to become a part of the most eccentric travel team of The Hague. Sign up before the 29th of April via this form:…/1S-qMj7wf_xsH6PqBEGWnLU90A1K…/edit

We look forward to hearing from all of you! 🚙💨

Your Hitchhiking team (Fleur, Anna and Laura)