About Fortuna

Leiden University College the Hague is a residential college and its students and staff form a close, international community which is unprecedented at Leiden University. Fortuna has been founded to facilitate and enrich the community and the personal lives of students. Students are automatically part of the association and can thus share in and contribute to making LUC an attractive place to live and study. Every year, hundreds of students invest in this community, some by being active in committees, others through their participation during events. This website is an expression of that interaction. It highlights not only the events and activities organised by Fortuna committees, but also brings together the many voices and opinions and colours that are shared in this community.


Fortuna is the official Students’ Association of Leiden University College the Hague and was established as a legal association on 16th May 2011. Since then, Fortuna has grown to include over thirty committees, each of which is dedicated to expanding and improving student life at LUC.

Mission Statement

Fortuna’s mission is to: Organise extra-curricular activities to broaden the horizon of LUC students. Promote the development and ensuring the continuity of committees set up by members of the association. Maintain contact between members of the association, and the other important bodies within LUC. Represent the student body as a whole to the outside world.

The Fortuna Board

The day-to-day management of the association is handled by the Fortuna Board, which meets at least once every week and consists of six members:

  1. Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Committee Affairs Officer
  5. Committee Affairs Officer
  6. Internal Communications Officer

If you want to find out more about the board members, check out their profiles.

The Advisory Council

The Fortuna structure also includes an Advisory Council which assesses the conduct of the Fortuna Board, the committees, and handles legal issues and complaints. Find out more about the Advisory Council here.

General Assemblies

Important decisions such as the annual budget or amendments to the policy manual are decided upon in General Assemblies (GAs). There are at least three GAs per year, and all Fortuna members are invited to attend these meetings. Minutes of previous GAs can be found here.