Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (AB) serves as a check and balance for the Fortuna Board and its committees. The Advisory Board is part of the Fortuna Student Association, but is entirely independent from the Fortuna Board. It has two main functions:

First, it deals with any complaints against the Fortuna Board, against committees, against individual Fortuna (Board) members or against other Fortuna institutions. Any Fortuna member can file a complaint about an action/decision of any Fortuna institution, after which the Advisory Board will carry out a thorough investigation of the issue.

Secondly, the Advisory Board advises the Fortuna Board on policy and decision-making issues. One of the Advisory Board’s primary tasks is flagging legal issues concerning policy proposals made by the Fortuna Board.

The Advisory Board consists of five student members and an LUC faculty member:

  • Student members: Gijs Weijenberg (Chair), Rebecca Poort (Secretary), Floris Holstege, Thomas Bolding.
  • Faculty member: Paul Behrens

If you have any questions about the Advisory Board or want to appeal to any of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via