Advisory Council

The Advisory Council (AC) and Advisory Secretariat (AS) serve as a checks and balances for the Fortuna Board and its committees. The Advisory Council and Advisory Secretariat are part of the Fortuna Student Association, but entirely independent from the Fortuna Board.
The Advisory Council’s main task is to advise the Fortuna Board. It has the
power to give advice about the annual budget, the midyear budget, all events exceeding €1000 and any amendments proposed to the Rules of Procedure or Articles of Association. Moreover, it can give the Fortuna Board advice when it deems necessary to do so.
The Advisory Council consists out of members of the Advisory Secretariat and representatives from the College Council, Resident Assistants and Coasters Board. The Advisory Council is constituted in such a way that the Fortuna Board will stay notified about most of the sentiments within the Fortuna community.
The Advisory Secretariat’s main task is to deal with complaints, compliance
with Dutch law and advising the Fortuna Board as part of the Advisory Council.
The Rules of Procedure gives an individual in the community the power to file a complaint to the Advisory Secretariat if they do not agree with a decision or action by the Fortuna Board. The Advisory Secretariat has the power to either settle the dispute by verdict or by way of advice to the Fortuna Board. A verdict can be appealed.
The Fortuna Board also has the power to sanction individual members.
However, this is also only possible after taking into account the verdict/ advice by the Advisory Secretariat.
Moreover, the Advisory Secretariat ensures that the Fortuna Board acts in
accordance with Dutch Law.
The Advisory Secretariat, this club year, is made up out of 6 members. The
members are chosen upon the Advisory Secretariat’s discretion. Members include an ex-Fortuna Board member as well as a Financial Consultant that meets with the treasurer blockly. Furthermore, it consists out of four general members, of which one is appointed as chair and the other as secretary and vice-chair.
The Advisory Council, this club year, consists of 8 members:
– College Council’s representative: Douwe Roest
– Resident Assistant’s respresentative: Samira Chahdi
– Coasters Board’s representative: Romée Lind
– Advisory Secretariat
o Chair: Naut Kaptijn
o Secretary and vice-chair: Jasper Nooren
o Ex-Fortuna Board member: Iris Iedema
o Financial Consultant: Sjoerd Kok
o General board member: Luca Guglielminotti
o General board member: Isobel Clymer
o General board member: Marnix Middelburg

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