Beyond Arts

Beyond Arts is the home of the artistic community at LUC. It provides a platform for people to share their artistic capabilities and interests within the university, as well as explore and improve upon talents through the collaboration and sharing of art with the greater community. Beyond arts is composed of 6 different committees, further described below:
Beyond Arts Theatre

Twice a year, the beyond arts theatre committee produces a play for the LUC community to enjoy! Stay tuned for audition opportunities!

Beyond Arts Dance.

Beyond Arts Dance brings you weekly dance practices in preparation for various LUC events, the UCSRN and if you want to just explore your creativity and take a shot at choreographing!

Beyond Arts Literary Arts.

This subcommittee provides you ample chance to explore different poetry and prose at regular literary art Jamborees, that often taking place at the homes of third years!

Beyond Arts, LUC Swing Dance

LUC Swing introduces you to the world of swing dancing! It’s a dance that originated in New York City in the 1920s. Watch the original legends here:

We dance to upbeat jazz music and focus on different styles, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Blues. We host lessons at LUC and go social dancing both in The Hague and around the Netherlands, which is what it’s all about! Socials are a great opportunity to meet new people, and of course to dance and enjoy the music!

This is us performing the Shim Sham at the 2017 Beyond Arts Festival:

And some other videos of us teaching and dancing:

We hope you’ll join our dancing adventures! Here’s the link to our Facebook group

Beyond Arts Visual Arts
Provides you with various different ways to be artistic through various workshops. The image below is from one of Visual Arts’ projects, “the way to heaven” in collaboration with the artist Gamal.