Beyond Arts

 This is the committee where the creative magic happens!

The arts are an important aspect of life at LUC. Through creating works of art we can express what we feel without having to be nuanced or politically correct. We can explore what moves us, what stirs our anger or invites our love, be it in a poem, a drawing or a song.

The BYA committee not only gives you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the issues we discuss in class, it is also a resource for fun, letting of steam, getting involved and meeting people with the same interests as you.

“When you look back on your time at university, it won’t be the paper you wrote in your fifth reading week that you remember, it will be the times like this, the music, the drama, the friendships, the parties and the arts, the moments where you made something happen and you were a part of something great, that will stay with you.”

– Martijn Otten, first Chair of BYA

Feel free to contact any of the board members at any time, we’ll be happy to chill with you and discuss how we can make the arts at LUC thrive.


Chair: Malou den Dekker

Arts and Mindfulness: Boryana Shishmanova

Dance: Laurianne Boosten

Fine Arts: Lisette Alberti

Literary Arts: Ana Sofia Bizos

Theatre: Lisanne Brouwer