College Council

The College Council, similarly to the Progam Council, is an advisory council at LUC. It consists of four student members, academic staff members as well as support staff members. It advices the College Board on non-academic matters. LUC students can approach the student representative for their respective year as well the representative at-large. Specifically, the student members are Hannah Resälg (class of 2022), Floris Vissering (class of 2021), Douwe Roest (class of 2020), and Andrea Orza (member at/large). The best grievances or suggestions for which to approach CC members are of structural nature – complaints about specific, one-off issues are best adressed elsewhere, i.g. the study advisor, SLO, RA, Dean, etc. We invite everyone to help us improve the college.

To contact us: You can approach any of the members personally or message them on Facebook as well as email: