College Council

The College Council is an internal advisory body to the College Board, consisting of eight members: two academic staff members, two support staff members, and four student members. Elections for the student members take place in the first block of the academic year and are open to the whole student body of LUC.

The College Council meets at least four times per year with the College Board. Regular points on the agenda of these meetings are the mid- and long-term strategy of LUC, working and living environment, and social and cultural affairs regarding the whole College. In formal matters (e.g., finances and reorganisation), the College Board has the right to consult staff members on the Council only.

Please note that although the College Council will be informed about issues and decisions with regards to the academic programme, the advisory capacity in this regard lies with the Programme Council.

Board Members:

Joppe Brieffies: If you have any issues or ideas that you think should be discussed in the College
Council, please contact me at or come see me in
room 4.45.




Academic Staff Representative
Autumn 2018 – Summer 2019
Dr. Ajay Gandhi
Assistant Professor



David Zetland: or see door of room 04.37




Class of 2019 Representative
Autumn 2018 – June 2019
Coen Kleinegris
3rd year Governance, Economics
and Development major
Email: c.c.kleinegris


Marleen van Koetsveld :
Mon/Tue/Wed 09- 13; Fri 09- 17 Front Desk




Omari K. Palmer:




Member at Large
Autumn 2018 – June 2019
Guus Huurman
2nd year Governance,
Economics and Development major


Class of 2020 Representative
September 2018- June 2019
Daniela Ibáñez De La Puente
2nd year GED major