Decisions that make our community better.

Want to vote on issues that concern community life at LUC? On 17 February the Fortuna Board organises its second General Assembly of the year. Held in the auditorium, these meetings are intended to make democratic decisions about the budget, the Policy Manual, and other major topics. This GA will focus specifically on the Annual Budget and on legal changes. It is important that many members attend because it ensures that the decisions made by the Fortuna Board are actually supported by the community.

Please read the agenda, changes to rules of procedure, and proposed budget beforehand, it will be much easier for you to contribute and understand what decisions have been made. It will also speed up the process of discussion.

If you cannot attend please complete an authorisation form and hand this to a member who is attending (can be found outside the Fortuna office or printed).

Agenda (amendments can be sent to

Proposed Changes to Rules of Procedure

Current Annual Budget

Proposed Annual Budget

Authorisation Form

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