Create a Committee

Every committee started as just an idea, and you could be the one to start up a new little branch of Fortuna. The Fortuna Student Association will fund, promote and help you to develop your little committee so that it can grow into the awesome idea you had envisioned.

In order to create a committee, there are a couple of things you need to do:

  1.  Come up with a kick-ass idea for a committee. You need to get at least two friends on side as every committee requires a chair and a treasurer.
  2. Write a proposal together which outlines your vision for a new committee. You are required to include a budget proposal and a list of planned events for the coming semester, and you should contact a committee affairs officer to help with this.
  3. Once your proposal has been approved, you must sign the committee contract, then you’re good to go!

By and large, new committees are approved providing that they don’t overlap with any existing committees. To make sure your idea won’t fall at this hurdle, check out the full committee list.