Culture Gallery

Hello and welcome to Fortuna’s Culture Gallery!

Click on the continents below to join us on a journey through the many cultures and identities that make up the LUC community. All the material in this interactive online gallery has been sent in by LUC students as a representation of their culture. Some of the material that has been sent in was made by talented artists across the world who were kind to let us display their artworks! The artistic and creative talents of our students, as well as their connections to their cultures, are represented in this gallery and we hope you will enjoy this visit to our gallery of cultures. We placed the submissions in sections based on continents in order to give you an interactive gallery experience!

We now invite you to enter our gallery and click on one of the continents below to start your tour!


Fortuna extends its thanks to all the LUC students who submitted material for this gallery and the many artists around the world who were so kind and generous in letting us display their amazing artworks!

If your culture isn’t represented in this gallery or if you would like to send in another submission, please contact us at