Dutch Language and Culture Committee

The Dutch Language and Culture Committee offers all members of the LUC community the opportunity to learn Dutch and to be exposed to Dutch culture in an open and encouraging environment.

We organise weekly lessons taught by Lieke Schreel who has over seven years of experience in teaching Dutch as a foreign language. These lessons are supported by a group of enthusiastic tutors who practice with the students individually or in small groups. The lessons take 1,5 hour and deal with both grammar and conversation. We offer classes for beginners as well as more advanced students.

Moreover, the DLCC enables members of the LUC community to get in touch with Dutch culture and traditions. We host for example a celebration of ‘Sinterklaas’ every December and organise excursions to typically Dutch attractions.

Do you want to learn Dutch or do you want to help others as a tutor? Check out our Facebook page for more information or send an e-mail to DLCC.LUC@gmail.com.

Board members:
Chair: Naomi Bruijnooge – n.g.bruijnooge@gmail.com
Culture team: Dennis Meyer – d.meyer.4@umail.leidenuniv.nl, Olivia Kelnreiter – okel@gmx.at
Treasurer: Marleen Bornat – Marleen@Bornat.de
Communications Officer: Meike Roem – meikeroem@gmail.com

Joris Broeders
Naomi Bruijnooge
Rosanna Cohn
Hannah van der Ham
Anna Hommel
Edward van der Hout
Willem de Kleuver
Lana Moss
Laura van Munster
Tristan Ober
Brechje Oonk
Liping Oerlemans
Meike Roem
Koen Rutten
Lisa Smits
Anne-Mieke Thieme
Daniek Zomer