Cinema Underexposed

18/05/2018 @ 11:00 – 18:00
Royal Academy of Art
Prinsessegracht 4
2514 AN Den Haag

Welcome to Cinema Underexposed filmfestival, hosted by the photography department of the Royal Academy of Arts. This is a student initiative to create a more enthusiastic vibe around the moving image. We might be as a bold to say that photography is dead, and film is the surviving of the two. Because is not everyone a photographer now?

Film has in fact 24 photographs a second, so it is fast, alive and might be much more equipped to capture any decisive moment. What is there not to like?

A story can be told or not told in many ways, we are looking for YOUR stories, or not!

During Friday the 18th of May we will have a programme with several films submitted from the students of the KABK. Prices will be considered. Anything is possible!

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