5th Fortuna Board (2014-2015)

Chair: Samuel Hopcroft

Chair-SamuelHi! My name’s Samuel. I’m 20, majoring in Policy Science, and I have a crazy passion for philosophy. Fortuna is a way of life for me, but maybe I don’t leave the bubble enough. Inside the bubble, our goal is to enrich your LUC experience. We’ll do this through building an awesome association and facilitating your enjoyment. And I honestly love that part of the job. Alongside that, I spend most of my time in meetings and sorting out bureaucratic legal things. And complaining; I complain a lot, especially about how busy I am. In my lack of spare time, I like running, puns and young Stalin (Google him!). I dislike Dutch humour and old Stalin. If you ever want to learn about Fortuna or just have a chat, get in touch! Or visit the Fortuna Office; I’m probably sleeping there.

Secretary: Tijmen Lamers

Secretary-TijmenMy name is Tijmen Lamers, I’m a third year student at LUC and Secretary of Fortuna. I joined Fortuna because I really like the feeling of community we have at LUC, and I want to make that even more awesome! In academic sense, I major in World Politics, and take a minor in Human Interaction. I enjoy bitching on Fukuyama and Huntington, exclaiming everything is a social construct and writing response papers (not). In real life, I enjoy bitching on Fukuyama and Huntington, exclaiming everything is social construct (albeit in a different state of sobriety), playing hockey, going to parties, dancing weirdly, giving away cookies during office hours and cooking (but not doing dishes). You can wake me up in the middle of the night for good Whisky, a Kapsalon or delegating annoying work to me (but only if you’re Samuel). I furthermore really enjoy sending emails, taking minutes and making agenda’s, listening terrible Rock music in the office and dancing the Safety Dance. When I grow up I want to be a princess or a dragon, I’m not sure yet.

Treasurer: Cox Bogaards

Treasurer-CoxHeey! My name is Cox Bogaards and I am a second year majoring in Policy Science. In my eyes Fortuna facilitates a large part of social life for student at LUC something which I want to contribute to. If you hadn’t noticed yet I am the only female in the board, come on girls! I like travelling and sleeping (Don’t wake me up in the middle of the night because I won’t be happy), that is all I really do in my free time. Sometimes I get a bit carried away and I feel like I am Bill Gates or some other rich person: counting money, transferring money, and monitoring bank accounts anything money related really. However, in reality these are tasks are part of my job as treasurer. Ok doei.

CAO: Jan Bogaarts

CAO-JanHowdy Cowboy, I’m Jan a second year interested in human in international development.. and human interaction, or was it policy science?
What is the most important part of any student association?: It’s cliché but the students! If you’d ask me what our best asset is, I’d say each and every member.
Most likely to: Sing and Dance to ABBA in the office
Least likely to: Shower

CAO: Thomas Giacoletto

CAO-ThomasHey, I am Thomas; I am a second year student at LUC, majoring in International Development. As a committee affairs officer (CAO), my role is to facilitate committees organising the best events possible! I like climbing, books, cheese, bow ties, museums, Amsterdam, Albert Heijn To-Go, Keynes and Francis Fukuyama. I don’t like parties, goats cheese, communism, people who don’t like mushrooms and lists.

Housing Chair: Bene Colenbrander

Housing-BeneHey random person that for some reason reads this board profile (probably my mum)! My name is Bene, a second-year LUC student with of course a wide range of interest – after all, I’m studying Liberal Arts and Sciences – but majoring in Sustainability. This year I’m the one taking care of housing. That pretty much makes me a lone wolf on the board, as housing is really something else than committees. Therefore, this year for me is dedicated to structuring Fortuna in a way that housing, and representation of LUC students, fits in naturally in Fortuna’s structure. It’s a great job!

Communications: Joe Cotton

ICO-JoeChow! I’m Joe, I’m a second year interested in sustainability but majoring in World Politics. I ran for election on the basis of starting a new system of Student Representatives within Fortuna, with the aim to both improve the engagement of the board with the members, and also to give the members more of a say in the future of the association. I’m pleased to say that this system is now up and running and more people are involved in Fortuna than ever before!