Fortuna Board 2015-2016


 Chair: Jelle DorstJelle

Hi! My name is Jelle – many friends call me Jel – and I am your Chair for this academic year. I am a third-year student majoring in International Justice, and so far I have had an incredible time at LUC. As Chair I have been elected to keep an oversight of the association. I chair Board meetings, maintain contact with the management of LUC and with other associations, and I come up with a vision for the Board and for Fortuna. You will find that I am not a perfect student but I am fully dedicated to making this a wonderful year. I simply love pesto, focaccia, espresso, limoncello – basically anything that comes from Italy, except for them olives. Although I have been kicked out of the building like all other third-years, you are most likely to find me in the Fortuna Office or on Floor 5 – which is where my roots lie. Most of my work is behind the screen so come visit me or contact me if you want to know more. I’d love to hear from you!


Secretary: Arthur HolthausArthur

Hi! My name is Arthur, and I am the secretary of Fortuna. I am a very pragmatic person, and I usually think in practical ways. I don’t have much of a ‘vision’ for the future; I’ll leave that to the dreamers.
Our relationship is very one -sided. You could compare me to a very annoying ex-girl-or-boy-friend. I send you a lot of emails about a lot of things and invite you to events called ‘General Assemblies’. The only difference from your ex is that you really should read those mails and go to those GAs. Aside from that we won’t be in touch too much. What did you expect? I’m a secretary, I write emails and summarise meetings and do other boring stuff. I don’t care about you! Go talk to a CAO or something!

I am also the social representative of LUC to the University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands (UCSRN) , where we organize exciting inter-UC events all over the country.


SophieTreasurer: Sophie Auton

Heya, I’m Sophie and I like spreadsheets. I draft the annual budget and make sure Fortuna doesn’t run out of money. Remember that €50 you paid? That comes to us, in the b-e-a-utiful Fortuna office, and it gets divided up amongst all Fortuna’s committees and teams so we can ensure great events throughout the whole year.
If you become a committee treasurer, you’ll get to meet with me one-on-one every so often, and discuss how your committee’s spending is going. And if you’re not a committee treasurer, drop by for a chat anyway; we often have biscuits.


JoostCAO: Joost Thuis

Hey everyone!
I am a completely Dutch guy from all the way down under (Limburg that is, if only it was the actual “down under”). I am entering my second year at LUC and World Politics will be my major. My wide variety of interests include: History, craft beer, HEMA (not the shop) and having a party “once in a while”.
I am the “diplomat” between the Fortuna board and it’s committees. As committees are the actual facilitators of the co- and extracurricular activities at LUC, helping them to organise events and finance them is, therefore, one of the board’s principal tasks. If you become part of a committee board or want to start your own committee you will most get into contact with either Myrthe or me.

You will probably have met me during the first few weeks, but if you did not and you still have any questions, come up to me during office hours, or pop by my room (and share some good beer).


MyrtheCAO: Myrthe Kemme

Hello! My name is Myrthe Kemme, I am a second year student majoring in GED and am one of the Committee Affairs Officers (CAOs) of the Fortuna Board, together with Joost. As a CAO work closely with the committees and help to enable them to organize the best events and activities for you guys.

When I am not busy with Fortuna (which is hardly ever) I like to go to Leiden, play sports, watch TV shows and spend time with my floormates.


StuartCommunications: Stuart Smith

After joining the board in 2014-15 as a committee affairs officer, I got the Fortuna bug and continued into the 2015-16 year, this time responsible for internal communications. I loved doing it and it’s great to see how much has changed for the better over the past few years. I still keep involved with Fortuna during my third year, helping backstage for Beyond Art’s amazing performances and fixing the office printer when it breaks. My main focus now is on a new committee, FortuneTV. With this new committee I hope to add to Fortuna’s media landscape by bringing journalism and current goings-on to members.