Fortuna Board

This page is being edited to reflect the board of 2016-2017.




Chair: Cris van Eijk

Treasurer: Olivia Mantock

Secretary: Mariam Orjonikidze

CAO: Merlijn de Jong

CAO: Rik den Hoedt

Communications Officer: Naomi Moonlion


Chair: Cris van Eijkcris








Secretary:  Mariam Orjonikidzemariam









Treasurer: Olivia Mantockolivia

Moving to the Netherlands was a big decision for me. I had spent most of my life in France but I was sure I would return to London for most of my teenage years. Funny how things don’t turn out as planned. Coming to LUC was scary, but gratifying. What’s so great about LUC is the range of opportunities it provides for you to participate in student life. Whether it be through committees or councils, there is something for every student to take part in. Personally, this aspect of LUC helped me develop as an individual. Being the treasurer of fortuna is one of these many opportunities. I’ve enjoyed it up to this point and I hope to do so until the end of my term!


rikCAO: Rik den Hoedt









merlijnCAO: Merlijn de Jong









Communications: Naomi Moonlion

Hey everyone! My name is Naomi and I am a second year and majoring in Human Diversity. I am Dutch American and have lived in Leiden until last year. Moving to the Hague and studying at LUC might not have been a huge distance to cover, but it was a huge life change. It taught me to prioritise putting effort into things I actually enjoy doing. Some of these things include spending time with friends, photography, cooking, working out and overall challenging myself to observe the world in as many different ways as possible. Personally, I believe communication is absolutely essential to develop oneself and to achieve goals together. This is why I became the communications officer of Fortuna this year. I try to represent the will of LUC’s students as efficiently as possible through various media. You will see me design and put up posters, write cheesy Facebook posts, update this website, communicate with external contacts and much more.