General Assembly – Outcome report


With a renewed Annual Budget and a few changes to the Policy Manual, the past General Assembly surely was not the most spectacular one. Yet, as insignificant as the decisions at hand seemed, they were and are crucial to the functioning of the association. A 136 members registered their vote or went to the General Assembly of Block 3. Thanks to their contributions, we were able to discuss the budget and the changes in an orderly way. In this article, we’d like to outline the results of the General Assembly and its practical consequences for you, our members.

1. The modification of Article 5 was approved. In stead of obliging the Fortuna Board to send out the Annual Budget two weeks in advance of the General Assembly, this number is now reduced to five working days.

What this decision means for you: the Board and committees will have more time to work together, which means the financial request and allocation of activities will be done more thoughtfully. The whole association thus becomes better organised which you will notice in the amount and quality of events.

2. The changes to Article 6 were accepted. Members can now only carry ten votes of others in stead of nineteen.  The risk of just a few people acquiring a majority vote at the General Assembly is reduced while the wish of members to grant proxy votes is not limited.

What this decision means for you: the level of democracy of the association remains solid, which means your voice is represented better.

3. Article 31 has been modified. Committees are now required to compile a Committee Report at the end of the year, rather than just recommended. The Fortuna Board will help in this process by providing a template, to ensure that the transition from the old committee to the new one takes place more properly.

What this decision means for you: the quality of the committees goes up, they have don’t have to reinvent the wheel every year, so they can focus on organising great events for you.

4. The budget reallocation was adopted nearly unanimously. Questions were raised with regards to ADO Den Haag Appreciation Society, a team that had been established this year. Some members disagreed with the allocation of EUR 200,00 to this team, which plans to make trips to ADO Den Haag football games. A discussion on the justification of such expenditures when other committees struggle to get enough money was ultimately stopped by a majority vote. No objections were made to other changes of the budget.

What this decision means for you: events are being organised in the second semester that make use of your membership fee more effectively. The Lustrum activities receive more funding and will thus be of a better quality using money from the Sponsorship Award Programme that was outvoted in the last General Assembly.

The praesidium, legally separated from the Fortuna Board, did a great job in guiding the discussion and ensuring the correct counting of votes. We thank them, and we want to specifically thank the committees for their endless contributions to the community.

The minutes of the General Assembly and the revised Policy Manual will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

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