La Espero (Esperanto)

La Espero is LUC’s Esperanto Committee, where you can learn the Esperanto language in a fun and relaxed way. Anyone who wants to learn this easy language for fun can visit our facebook group for more details.

la espero

La Espero (meaning “The Hope”) teaches one class every week to everyone interested in learning the constructed language of Esperanto. The classes will be taught by Esperanto linguist Gerrit Berveling, who has written and translated many books in Esperanto and now volunteers to teach us.

Esperanto was created in 1887 by Ludwik Zamenhof, who aimed at creating an easy language without attachments to any nationality, to promote understanding between different countries. Esperanto has no irregularities, as opposed to every natural language, which makes it easy. Also, there is no “right” pronunciation of words, vowels and consonants, which makes it accessible to everyone regardless of the mother tongue. Today, Esperanto is the most successful constructed language, with a number of speakers varying between 300,000 to 2 million, of which a 1,000 have Esperanto as their mother tongue.

Esperanto classes at LUC are taught at a relaxed environment: We learn some basic grammar and words every week and by watching Esperanto TV shows and listening to Esperanto music in class you familiarise yourself with the language. After half a year it is possible to speak the language fluently! Missing a class is no problem whatsoever: every class starts with a quick recap of last week’s class and its difficulties.

Apart from the weekly classes, La Espero organizes a day full of activities on the 15th of December, the international Esperanto Day, and we will inform you about every Esperanto gathering in the Netherlands so we might go there together in a group!


Chair: Isabelle Frens

Treasurer: Natalie Mango