LUC Volunteer

Many LUC students do not realise that we are actually living in a city where a significant number of people struggle to get around. A variety of physical, mental and financial problems make that these people can use every bit of help they get offered. At the same time, the 600 LUC students take courses revolving around the idea of solving global challenges. The objective of the LUC Volunteer committee is to solve local challenges. We connect people that face problems with LUC students by organising small-scale volunteer activities. Through this, students get the opportunity to actively contribute something to their close surrounding by which they can literally make this world a better place.

As last year, LUCV will organise a range of activities in the third week of every block. In cooperation with ‘Stichting Present’ we offer a number of practical projects in which LUC students can participate. The nature of these projects varies greatly, making every project a student does a unique experience. Apart from this, we have added some projects entirely organised by LUCV: we have good contacts with a retirement home, where we organise social projects, and organise projects together with the Kessler Stichting, Den Haag Cares, Resto van Harte and the food bank. Our goal is to expand the range of projects organised by our committee in direct cooperation with foundations like these, in order to create a sustainable and wide-ranging network of foundations. This enables us to offer a wider range of activities, offering projects that every LUC student can partake in.

This way, we hope to involve even more LUC students in what in our view should be an inherent part of the LUC curriculum. As mentioned above, so far the academic year 2017-2018 has been a great year for the LUC Volunteer committee. We’ve attracted a large number of students, that were all passionate about what they could do for the community. This growth can be explained by the fact that every single student liked the volunteer-experience they had with LUCV and thus often decided to do another activity the next block, where they often brought in friends. Seeing that many students are coming to our projects every block is the best kind of feedback we can receive. With an active and enthusiastic board the LUCV committee has high hopes for the coming year. The beach-day activity in the introduction-week gave LUCV an opportunity to make itself visible among the first-years, which has already proven to be a great success. Increasing our visibility on Facebook and having more word of mouth will expectedly further help the positive trend. Our specific goal for this year is to increase our visibility, with Facebook and Dr. Ann Wilson’s Engage The Hague blog on the one hand and posters and mouth-to-mouth marketing on the other.