LUC Volunteering

We aim to get LUC students more involved in the world they live in though volunteer activities. At LUC we have daily debates about changing the world for the better and via LUCV we can provide students with a medium that helps them to practice what they preach. We feel that LUC has been growing as a close, but internationally focused, community over the past four years. Most committees within Fortuna are likewise aimed towards suiting the students in both their academic as well as social endeavors. However, after our experiences with Fortuna’s Charity Week and the The Hague festival of ‘Students who give a shi(f)t’, have inspired us to make volunteering for LUC students more structural and a continuous from now on. Therefore we’ve established a Volunteering Committee in 2013 within Fortuna in order to promote and coordinate volunteering opportunities within the city of The Hague. Besides it being a great way for the students to engage and have fun by helping others and developing different skills, it also provides an amazing opportunity for LUC to further improve its already positive image in The Hague.

Every block we have a week filled with activities that students can participate in. Usually LUCV-week will take place in week 3. So far we have done a number of activities. Here is a small overview of a few events that LUCV organised last year. We had a group of enthusiastic students who helped volunteer at the local animal shelter and a group that had walks with elderly people. Further we’ve helped out a single mother, who could not afford movers, move all of her furniture to her new home and move garbage to the dumpsters, another group helped an elderly couple paint their house on the inside.

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Current board
Chair: Elisabeth Schellekens (3rd year)
Treasurer: Henry Abbink (2nd year)
Communications Officer: Simon van der Staaij (2nd year)
PR Board Member: Bauke ter Borg (2nd year)
General Board Member: Tessel Giele (3rd year)
General Board Member: Koen van Lieshout (2nd year)