At its inception, before the days of ivory tower inhabitants, PAX was a humble student commentary published on A5 paper and enjoyed by a fair few. Today, it has grown into the dynamic mag published on glossy pages and reaching all aspects of the LUC community. Each block PAX is created by students for students and holds the purpose of  enriching/stimulating the lives of fellow LUCers. It lends a platform for the expression of student ideas, interests and general comedic qualities. With our different themes in previous years, PAX attempted to cover the broad range of interests present in the diverse LUC community. Although we may be changing this and adapting the magazine to have a more creative outlook, the diverse content of the magazine will remain.

As PAX is a student run initiative, there is absolutely no discrimination over who is a contributor to the magazine. PAX aims to bind the community together by keeping everyone up to date on the happenings of everything LUC. We are proud that the magazine has developed hugely over the last three years. The quality of the content as
well as the professionalism of the publication has improved immensely.

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