Programme Council Proposes Monumental Changes to LUC’s Program

The newly elected Program Council has been extremely busy in its first few months. Inheriting an empire of paperwork has been hard work, but they allegedly are ready to reveal their newest plan. This plan was announced last Friday after countless meetings, which were “rather productive,” as one of its members assured us.

The 56 page document had to be separated and attached in 5 different emails to be able to make it to the students and faculty. It included many new developments for Leiden University College, new course requirements and even a new major to be called Science, Management and Stuff. Among the new changes,  Human Diversity is slated to receive a new 200 level gender course titled Gender and Basket-Weaving, meaning that the Gender minor will finally have the 5ECs it previously lacked.

“I never thought I would want a BSc in Science, Management, and Stuff,” said a first year, “but I’m excited. It seems much more practical than Political Arts!”

“I don’t understand why my Intro to Gender Studies class is now required to visit the ICTY,” an initially disgruntled second year said, “but, other than that, I think the changes are going to breathe new life into LUC’s programme!”

“Too bad I’ll be graduating soon, and I won’t be able to see all the changes.” a third year shrugged, accidentally letting off a strong fungal smell.

Meanwhile, one of the Programme Council members told us: “I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but this plan is brilliant. With Program Board’s permission, we hope to restructure the program within the next two weeks.”

Unfortunately, the moment of hopeful confusion was cut short when the Programme Board convened and decided against changing anything. During their meeting, the agenda point  “Programme Council advice” took a record breaking 2 minutes; a brief flip through the 56 pages, and a groan were all the PC’s efforts warranted.

“Programme Council, more like Vestigial Council,” exclaimed the BSc Director of Studies, promptly patting himself on the back for the biological reference.

While this was undoubtedly a hard blow for the new Programme Council, it is already meeting again tomorrow to start formulating new plans.


This article was originally posted anonymously at LUCNews. Used here with permission.

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