Sports Committee

The Sports Committee, as the name suggests, is all about sports and physical activities. We aim to provide students with opportunities to play and compete in sports teams, as well as providing them with information about practicing sports around The Hague and Leiden.


We believes that a healthy mind needs a healthy body which can be achieved through physical activities. Also, various studies have shown that people who practice sports are overall happier, healthier and are able to do more in comparison to people who don’t practice sports.

We will organise weekly trainings for the following sports: football, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, climbing, rugby, and running; there will also be opportunities to compete against other UCs in the Inter-UC tournament and league in these teams.

With the running team we will participate in the Batavieren Race for the third time this coming year, and also for other teams we are regularly organizing competition forms against other UCs and International Studies.

Last but not least, we have gathered information about practicing sports around The Hague and Leiden and we will gladly pass it on/ assist in joining an association!


Ellav Verver (chair)
Arnoud Hendrikse (treasurer)
Thijn van Eldijk (internal affairs officer)
Katharina Bauer (external affairs officer)

Contact details

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