3d Fortuna Board (2012-2013)


Hola! My name is Limo Baroud, I am 20 years old, third year student at LUC and majoring in Political Arts. I like being a manly man and going to the theatre and watching Disney movies, the usual you know. You can wake me up at night for fried chicken. I love me some fried chicken. My secret crush is any Victoria’s Secret model.


Arree DOST, kaisee ho? My name is Miika Korja, I’m a 20-year old Finn, a 1.5th year student and most probably majoring in Policy Science. I enjoy doing sports, backpacking, volunteering, and I like spontaneity and coffee. I dislike sprouts and the smell of wet dog. You can always wake up Limo for a Caribbean reggaeton-night. I have a secret crush on Kate Beckinsale.


Hi guys, my name is Jake van Baarsel. I am 20 years old, second year student at LUC and live at Stamkartstraat. I am planning on majoring in Global politics and minoring in Entrepreneurship. My hobbies are primarily kiteboarding and wake boarding, but I guess hanging out with friends and partying and drinking can also be considered hobbies. What I dislike are people that are exaggeratedly optimistic and arrogant. I don’t want you to wake me up at night. My girlfriend forbids me to have secret crushes.

Academic Representative

Hola! My name is Georgina Kuipers, I am 20 years old, a third year student at LUC and majoring in WorldPolitics. I like nail polish, high heels, cupcakes and news reports. I dislike unorganized chaos and the many forms of bureaucracy. You can wake me up at night for sushi or Kinder chocolate any day of the week! My (not-so) secret crush is Rafael Nadal.

SSC-Member & General Board Member

Helo, sut wyt ti? (Hello, how are you? in Welsh). My name is Laura Brouwer and I am 20 years young. I am a second-year student majoring in global justice/international development with a minor in policy science. I love dancing salsa, energy, treasure hunts and punny jokes. I dislike wet bandages in the pool, my bad sense of navigation (thereby confirming female stereotypes) and excessive complaining. You can always wake me up for a good glass of beer (Schultenbräu!). My secret crush is Mr. Darcy.

Housing Committee Chair & General Board member

Hey! My name is Luc van der Stegen. I am a 19 year old second year at LUC and my major is in World Politics. I like food, comedy, sci-fi and food. I dislike cheese. You can wake me up at night for anything cool, just make it worth my time. My secret crush is Limo.

General Board Member

Grüezi! My name is Christine Everaars, I am almost 19 years old, a second year student and majoring in Sustainability. I like skiing, dressing up and chilling with friends. You can wake me up at night for any good food or a hug. My secret crush is Jake, but don’t tell him that. Uf Wiiderluege!