Yearbook Photos!

Hey you! It’s time again to pick out your best outfit, practice your cutest smile, hit on that cute photographer of LUC.ID (thanks for helping out guys  ) or on that lovely yearbook committee assistant that is noting down your name (and if you do well, possibly your phone number as well ) or just simply be present to eternalise yourself in the yearbook! -Easy to combine-
For your convenience, the pictures will be taken on different days of the week, spread out over week 6 and week 7. The dates and time slots will be:
Week 6:
– Tuesday 13/3 from 12pm until 3pm
– Thursday 15/3 from 12pm until 3pm

Week 7:
– Monday 19/3 from 12pm until 3pm
– Wednesday 21/3 from 12pm until 3pm
– Friday 23/3 from 12pm until 3pm

See how easy the timeslots are to remember!?! So no excuses, get your ass down that Ivory tower and meet us on floor 1 (or to that Ivory tower aka Annie for the third/fourth/whatever year your in, for those living outside of the building) ya snooze ya lose, be there or be square, and let’s make this work!

Ps: Those who are planning on graduating this summer, don’t forget to think about a quote to put underneath your picture!


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